​The Future Tense of Shit is a Fairytale That Never is.

Once upon a time, (because what’s a fairy tale without these 4 words?), there lived a black queen in her world. No, she didn’t own a castle, she owned the world. In her skin was the power to command social media trends, to pull envy, hate, malice, wars, laws, acts, deeds and to push love, … Continue reading ​The Future Tense of Shit is a Fairytale That Never is.


Dividing doctrine: Women of the Corinthian Church 2 (1 Cor 11:2-16)

Starting at verse 3 of the focus verses, Paul says the head of every man is Christ and the head of the woman is man and the head of Christ is God. Without putting these verses in proper context, it will appear as if God is higher than Christ who is higher than men who is higher than the women. When we say higher, the first thing that comes to mind is inferiority or supremacy, popular human concepts that some would agree on, others would disagree. It is however popular belief that men are superior to women, the feminist would never agree.

My Style: That Vintage School Look

Holla! It's Friday guys! Not that I'll be spending the weekend drinking wine because I most likely will be reading, taking care of my skin and sleeping but I'm so excited the working part of the week is coming to an end, I still have a couple of classes today but I can endure, yes, I can do this! In fact, I'm excited this month is coming to an end. *does happy dance*

Dividing Doctrine: The Women of the Corinthian Church

This text is usually taken and preached to be that all women must cover their hair in places of worship. I will attempt to pull a historical balance to Paul’s instructions in a bid to ascertain if this is really what this text preaches. This is the only portion of the bible that specifies this for the Christian we should be careful to form a doctrine of this especially if direct emphasis is not placed on the subject matter.

Of Flawed Systems and Ewa Agoyin Cravings

Hello friends, I’ve been in a bit of a writers block lately, this is my attempt at not putting out half-assed content that you will not enjoy. This right here is a tale of my adventures with Nigeria’s flawed banking and record keeping systems and what came after that. It all started last night. I … Continue reading Of Flawed Systems and Ewa Agoyin Cravings