Style Inspo: Opeoluwa Ladeinde of KD Collections360

I know, I know….i’ve been AWOL, don’t shoot me! So much has been going on with school so be excited for me, I’m posting now, aren’t I? 

A little face beat using only lipstick (exclusion of the powder) to cheer you up? 

This weeks Style Inspo goes to this ambitious young man, Ope, the brain box behind KD Collections360. SFT was able to catch up with him earlier this week, finally! (Trust me, it’s been a long time coming!) 

That’s how he would keep you on hold with a finger up in the air… 

Little secret, I’m always nervous about meeting new people, but I try not to do interviews over the internet because right here I’m not just featuring fashion but personality too which births style and there’s only so much of that you can grab over the Internet. Yet another PSA Guys! 

But meeting Ope was made easy because of his fun, jovial and positive attitude even over the phone. We clicked instantly and it was like a chit-chat with a girlfriend. Yeah, Ope talks a whole lot (Sub or nah?)

Shoes Credit: KD Collections360 

KD Collections is a brand that currently focuses on shoe making although it promises to grow past just shoes into general fashion wares for both male and females (Males being a prominent part of the market).

Would you believe me if I said this brand started barely a year ago? In August of 2016, Ope pitched his idea to a friend who then requested for his shoes and the rest they say is is history. This young enterpreneur has a vast number of staff working for him at Ibadan and Lagos, Nigeria and he travels around looking for the most skilled hands to produce his wares; the designs however are purely his brain child and that could be seen through their uniqueness and durability. 

In less than a year, he has earned various accolades and awards for a job well done. KD Collections360 desires to be a brand name to reckon with in shoe making not just in Nigeria but all over the world and I dare say, he’s headed steadily in that direction. He picks constant inspiration from Lolu John Arokodare popularly known as Lolu Esq. one of the best shoe designers in Nigeria. 

When Ope isn’t too busy being a Christian-student or making shoes, he likes to listen to music and talk a whole lot. I know, sole-mate! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Want a KD Collections360 customized piece? 

Then place your orders to +234 708 198 2291 [Nationwide delivery within 9 working days]

Terms and conditions (of order, however) apply. Always wanted to say that! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Tell me what you think below, see you all soon! 


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