A Little About Addictions

The week began with a blast on Sunday at church and this is why there’s no better place to start the week! I learned about the Christians authority over addictions and I thought to share this with you all. 

Authority is the use of power. (Lk.10:19) What we have over the ‘ability’ of satan is Authority (Heb. 13:17, 1Thes.5:12-13). What we see as Christian-‘Religion’ in the body of Christ today is trying to relate with God outside the concept of Redemption i.e. having a christian name, acting pious; as the bible describes it, having a form of godliness and denying the power therein. 

Let me break this down, many people don’t like church, in fact many people won’t read past the first paragraph of this article because they feel condemned or they feel superior to the person writing this right now. 

Then there are the set of people who like a particular ‘church’ because they can do what they want to. Let me clear you now; CHURCH IS NOT A PLACE YOU CAN DO WHAT YOU WANT OR WHAT YOU LIKE. (1Tim. 3:15) That’s a public service announcement, moving on! 

But Christianity is none of these things! Christianity is not about a particular church; it’s not about a particular name, in fact it’s not about self righteousness! Far from it. Christianity is about the righteousness which God ascribes unto man by faith (Rom. 1:17). It’s about power and imbued on the believer, not just power but authority! (Acts 1:8, John 1:12, Mk.16:16-17)

What does all of this have to do with addictions then? 

We often times blame the devil or some unseen force for our constant falling prey to addictions. I mean an unbeliever can do that because an unbeliever is still living a different kingdom culture: that of this world (under the control of the prince of the powers of the Air AKA the devil; Eph. 2:2) but not you the believer, you now have authority and whenever you fall prey to addictions it is because you made the choice to do so. 

Don’t run yet, i’m not condemning you but stating facts. Once you accept that you have been made holy by our Lord Jesus (Heb. 10:14), then you should know that now sin no longer has dominion over you! Quit blaming the devil for your mishaps and own up! Tit. 2:14 says it all; you’ve been capacitated to live good, once you fall short of God’s glorious standards then you better put yourself back in check. 

Stop trying to be good, trying to live holy, trying to steer clear of addiction because what that does is put that addiction right there at the back of your mind, reminding you everyday of your guilt and shame. Lying to you and telling you (a believer) that it’s hard. 

Steer clear! Say NO! Because God gave you the authority to do so. Forget about the addictions. Forget about your desires to do so; Jesus has delivered you already from the sinful desires of your flesh, the desires that makes you a man (Col. 1:13, Rom 7) And He didn’t just leave you bare; He gave you his very own nature; Holy, capacitated and zealous to do good! See Eph 4:17

You have pleased God already because Jesus Christ was the perfect and pleasing sacrifice. Now you are in Christ, in God (Col.3:3), now you have what it takes to walk away from addictions and on the path of righteousness because by nature you have attained a height of righteousness only attainable by God! 

Walking away from addictions doesn’t take a bunch of ‘DO NOT’s’ (get that ideology out of your head), it’s not a struggle; it’s a CHOICE! 

Zero your mind off of addictions and live the life you’ve been appointed and saved to live. You’ve not won until you’ve won everywhere and Christianity affords us the power to survive everywhere! 

Not a Christian? It’s simple! Have faith in the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus, have faith that he is the Son of God,have faith in this fact! And you are now a member of the family of God, you have the life of God and you Have His spirit! (Rom 10:9-10, Eph 1:13-14)

PS: I tried out a new P-on-P, this time stripes over polka dots and I was amazed at the results. Can you spot the beret? Do you like the beret? 

I’m interested in your feedback, 

The new Creature, 



4 thoughts on “A Little About Addictions

  1. This Blessed me Fam!! You made a lot of sense and I’m glad you backed it up wif scripture! Do find a way to add a subscribe button so we can get notified when you post something new!!

    Liked by 1 person

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