My Style: Hobo On-Top x Some DIY Below

Hey guys, so I’ve been MIA this past week (Missing in action, in case you don’t know) and that has been because school’s been throwing poop at me and I’ve had to play evasive parkour with it all the while dragging blogging on it’s butt. Yeah, the blog has a sore butt now. But i’m here now with all the remedies to make it better; A style post, a HOBO X DIY post. 

Let me tell you a little about this outfit inspiration; early last week my favourite MIA-zoned person, our dear president (I’m Nigerian, FYI) declared on Tuesday (or was it Wednesday now?) that all Nigerians should put on something native. And so I excitedly hopped on this because this is one of the few good things we’ve had in a long time. 

Hobo: So there was this buba (top) I had, the iro(wrapper) was not going around not because I got fat (like no! Not that, jeez!) but cause my tailor sucked and used the remaining material to sew cloth for his baby! (At least I think so…). Short of the long however is the iro has been converted to the Gele (head gear) which you now see here. 

DIY: Confession time! Being the only daughter and because of my love for vintage, I now cultivate a habit of recycling my Mom’s clothes, majority of what I own is hers (a little sizing and fitting never killed anybody). I took this pants that used to be extremely long and made them shorter because I’ve been loving the guacho pants trend lately. The beauty you now see is the result! 

Because I’m technically incapable of dressing basic and no matter how minimalist my stuff is, my outfit must always shout out to the world, I paired this with my sling fringe detail off-white bag (My mom again, it’s so old I doubt the designer still makes wares but who knows) and cream coloured brogues. 

For accessories, I went pretty simple and put on my simple black ‘rope’ choker with my everyday watch by Amona and bracelet from Aliexpress. I’m also a ring person, can you tell? 

You cannot shop this look anywhere! This is creativity and minimalism at its peak! Get creative today! 

The new creature, 



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