Kwara Fashion and Branding Week 2

Sick: (pronounced si:k)

1. crazy, cool, insane

e.g. man, that trick was sick yo

1. to feel ill, or not well.

e.g. I feel very sick, I think I might vomit.

Day 2, for me was both, literally and otherwise. I woke up to a bout of fever and I felt nauseous and out of touch for most of the whole day but as is characteristic of me, I had to see the rest of the show till the end (and my ticket money too). It’s not like I went VIP or anything but a girl’s gotta hustle.

So there I was in my black and white assemble (I still don’t have pictures yet), monochrome was the mood for me so I pulled on a big shirt over black skinny jeans and heeled converse then revamped my african-ish hairstyle. That seemed to take more effort than Day1 because I was particularly slow and red-eyed.

Now, to the other sick, Day 2 was sick yo! In fact it was so sick, I have no choice but to order the designers from least sick to the sickest, prepare to be blown away!

  1. Zee Stitches or Zeenys yeah? A collection for both female and male, bold red and burgundy. Details are everything for me and the subtle detailing of this designer was a lot to take with me. But what did my photographer think?
    The Designer
  2. Josh Amor: So Josh put a lot of mystery into this collection by opening with a black (yoruba demon-ic) cape and a scary logo! The monochrome just appealed to my feelings that day and it was a collection I loved immensely. Once again, my photographer thought…
    Another 3, for the finest designer I know in Nigeria…(*insert crying child*)
  3. Crystal Dom: This collection ended the night on a soft note. The fabric and designs stood out like a crystal ball in a dark room and the designer had her children walk the runway, it was too cute… cute May’s camera died 😂😂. She got a few good shots though…
Still wondering how she wore this dress??

4. Herbdul Courture: *inserts ‘Distance’ by Omarion* This was the first thing he did right; music! Then he went Kristen Stewart on us and put sneakers under dresses! Definitely my type of guy! If you’re reading this, we’re getting married…(except you’re already married then that would be awkward!) This collection was as much for the women as it was for the men. White, nude and gold were colors he worked with strongly and I was just in love with his use of simplicity to create complexity.

The Designer, Herbdul

5. MBright: This collection was literally bright! Not being a lover of bright colors, at all, I find it very hard to relate with so many colors at once but I picked some of my individual favorites (some below) that I might be caught dead wearing.

The Designer, MBright

6. Fuad: My favourite Abaya and Jalabiya collection slayed with all their beautiful pieces! The models seemed to be most in their element and it was hard shortlisting my favorite shots.

They however don’t just stop at the A’s and J’s, their simple black and white caftan pieces are to kill for. I practically love this guy to the left, I mean, I love the clothes on him, i could definitely rock that! (*tongue*)

7. Styled by Zainab: By now you should realize my love for monochrome and subtle details but did I tell you about my love for extravagant combos? Let me introduce you all then to SBZ! There was something simple about how complex her designs looked, my type of simple anyway, I’ve been preaching pattern on pattern and here she brings it to the fore. Long story short, I wish I had worn one of this outfits to either day, it’s a statement of its own!

Most preferred is the one on the right, i would definitely wear that…

8. Apparel by Baze: It gets better now! More monochrome and nudes to blow my mind. *insert upbeat song* Now groove to the pictures below 

The Designer

9. Deji Eniola: Oh baby! Can someone buy me a shacket, please? I’m also in love with this two piece ‘boos woman’ suit. Tell me, do you love it too? 

Deji Eniola; A representative

10. Truly yours: I truly enjoyed the whole show and putting this together for you but all good things must come to an end! Only if this was the last collection showcased for the night. *insert ‘flashlight’ by Jessie J* (which was not the Music played but I’m a hopeless romantic so forgive me!) I know I said 235 had me at Day1 but Truly yours is definitely my wedding dress (till someone trumps them and it’s hard to reach this standard). 

The Desiigner! Yes! The Panda herself! Yes……ok, i don’t even know what i’m saying

Glow in the dark! 😍😍

I’m definitely looking forward to KFABW 2018 because I know there are better things to come for the young boss, Dolapo Habeeb and his team. My sincere apprecia…….

Stopping on this note because that’s how May’s camera died. Follow me on social media for more! 😜


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